Marine Biology Research assistant.

Need an extra pair of hands to carry out fieldwork? Need a keen eye to look through samples? Want someone with experience, someone who will take interest in your project?

With a master’s degree in Marine Biology, and a keen interest in ecological research I am well placed to support you with your research projects.

Working outside the UK?

I’m prepared to travel anywhere in the world. So if you have a project where you need someone to travel – I’m your guy. If it involves ecological work in Mangroves, that would be the icing on the cake.

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Data Analyst.

Having worked as a data analyst since 2013 I am well equipped to support the data analytics elements of you research projects.

An expert in VBA programming (the language that sits behind MS Excel), I am able to carry out complex and large-scale data analyses in Excel. Create custom functions. And automate repetitive tasks that would otherwise consume your valuable time.

Want assistance with a data analytics project outside of marine biology?

That’s great too. I have experience working with inventory data sets and email lists that are vital for any business to understand. If there is something you need help with get in touch and we’ll work out what’s best for you.

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