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Have you ever wondered what dwells in the ocean?

ProfilePic_Wandering_CircleHave you ever peered into crystal clear seas and watched jellyfish drift by: just within reach and yet otherworldly? I had a moment like this on an Environmental Science college trip to Capri, Italy.

I lay on the harbour quay with my face pressed as close the surface of the sea as I could get. The water was a shimmering blue crystal. A group of small pink jellyfish held my gaze.

I was hooked. I knew at this moment that I had made the right decision to pursue a career in marine biology; despite having been told at school that I would never get into university.

I thrived at university.

Setting up the preliminary experiment for Master’s Degree research.

Developing an ever greater interest in coastal ecology, I decided at the end of my second year to extend my course to include a research-focused master’s year.

This had me conducting research on the rocky shores of North Wales. Investigating the relationship between the size of a limpet and how much it consumes. Having to work at low tide often placed me on the shore in time to see the sunrise.

Returning home to the land-locked centre of England I took a job as a data analyst, building on the skills I had developed at university.

The most northerly point of mainland Britain, Dunnet Head, and the bicycle that got me there.
The most northerly point of mainland Britain, Dunnet Head, and the bicycle that got me there.

Life in a warehouse didn’t suit me, and after two years I left to cycle around the coast of Britain. This combined my love of the sea, cycling, and travelling in one neat and life-transforming package. Okay… it wasn’t neat. There were many challenges. But it was these character-developing challenges and the many interesting people I met along the way that really made it worthwhile.

I now work remotely as a data analyst, which certainly trumps working in a dull-coloured artificially lit office. But my real passion is marine ecology. So I’ve decided it’s time to offer my services as a freelance researcher and get stuck into something I love.

So if you need an assistant, or data analyst, check out my services page and get in touch by email at david@mccomack-online.com.