Data Visualisation – Graphs and Maps

Which is easier; looking at tables of data, or graphs? Of course pictures are much more appealing and memorable (at least for most of us). Working as a Data Analyst, a large part of my job is to present data in clear and easy to interpret ways. Often a picture says a thousand words, as the old adage goes.


Over recent weeks I have been working on creating dashboards and data summaries that are full of graphs. This is a move away from tables of data that are much more difficult to interpret. Graphs are great because they enable you to identify trends quickly, and they make comparison easier. Graphs are visually appealing too. At least, more so than tables of numbers.

What’s even more visually appealing for spatial data is a map. In January I got to go to a ArcGIS workshop. Since then I have, along with my boss, been able to convince work to give us access to the free trial of ArcGIS Pro. I’ve spent the past few weeks developing my knowledge of GIS and creating maps to show that displaying data on maps will add value to the business. I’m hopeful that we will get access to the full software permanently as I’ve been able to provide insights that were previously not possible to attain.

GIS is something that’s been on my plan to learn for a few years, so I’m excited to be able to get stuck in and explore. I know that this is a skill that will serve me for years to come, so I’m keen to learn as much as possible and stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

Next week I’ll be bringing you another interview with Marine Biologist, Professor Stephen Hawkins.

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