ArcGIS Annual Conference 2017

EsriAC17FlagEarlier this week I got on a train to London and made my way to the QEII Centre in Westminster. It was the Esri (ArcGIS) annual conference. This was something I had been looking forward to. In January I was able to convince Work to send me to a GIS workshop. Just short of two months ago they let me download the trial version of ArcGIS Pro. Since then I have been trying to learn as much as possible about GIS and creating examples of maps and analyses that demonstrate the value of this software for our business. There’s something very intuitive about data displayed on maps.

For me, the Esri conference was a chance to explore the capabilities of ArcGIS. It was a chance to be inspired and discover that there is more that is possible than I realised. I left with a wealth of ideas. There are ways that it could add value in the coming years.


Adding value to the business is great for me on a selfish level too. It means that we’re more likely to invest in the software. And that means that I’m going to have the opportunity to develop this skill that has been on my plan for at least the past 3 years.

I have one week left of the two month free trial. One week to take the inspiration of the conference and apply it to demonstrating value. So, while I get back to mapping and analysing data in ArcGIS, I’ll leave you with the view from the top floor of the QEII centre.


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