2017 Plans and Goals

It’ that time of year when most people are setting goals and making changes. I’m blessed to have people in my life that inspire me and push me to greater things all year round, but I still succumb to setting goals for the year. I always find it helps to have something quantifiable to work towards.

So here are some of my goals for the year that relate to this blog and my personal goals.

Firstly, let’s start with the blog-related goals.

  • I’d like to meet up with some of the people that I have interviewed, and will interview, over the coming year. I aim to meet with at least 3 people from different places (different universities, businesses, ) and get to know more about them and their work.
  • I’d like to publish an interview every Friday this year. However I cannot control how many people respond, only how many I invite to participate. Therefore I will invite at least 400 people to take part in the interviews this year. That way, if only 10% respond (which doesn’t sound too far-fetched) we will still have 40 weeks of interviews.


My personal goals

  • If you’ve taken a look at the rest of my site you’ll know I am a keen cyclist. I’d like to keep my level of fitness this year, so I am aiming to cycle 5000 miles. This works out at about 100 miles each week. 50 of which is commuting to and from work, so I only have to find 50 miles at the weekends, or by taking longer routes home from work.
  • Read 20 books. Although my reading list is much longer than this and will surely grow! I like to read, but don’t always make time for it. This will have me reading a book every two to three weeks.
  • Write and publish a book. In 2015 I cycled around the coast of Britain for 3 months. I want to share the things I learnt from that experience. I want to publish it by the date that I originally set off on this epic tour; the 10th

So that’s some of the things I’m working towards this year. Feel free to hold me accountable to these and ask me how they are going.

I wish you all a great year!

It would be great to hear what some of your goals are for 2017 in the comments below.


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